ThirdLove Utilizes Measurement to Plan Successful TV Campaigns

A conversation and case study with ThirdLove

Investing in TV can be stressful when every dollar is scrutinized. Having the right data to guide your strategies can help you make smart investment decisions and ease that stress.

Fill out the form to gain access to our webinar, “Utilizing Measurement to Plan Successful TV Campaigns,” to learn:

  • How to use data to build strong TV audiences and guide investment decisions
  • How Data Plus Math provided quantifying results tailored to custom KPIs
  • How the measurable business impact from ThirdLove’s TV campaigns affected its overall marketing and media strategy

You’ll also receive a case study which shows how, with the help of LiveRamp, ThirdLove was able to link exposure from its media strategy with actions of their ad viewers, revealing:

  • +60% incremental lift on TV impact from search conversions
  • +44.22% website visits