Jump-Start Your Data Collaboration Strategy

Overcome traditional barriers to data collaboration

The end of cookies. Big tech limiting data access. Data privacy regulations. All of these factors have led companies to explore data collaboration as a way to safely and securely build customer intelligence. Yet, while data collaboration is increasingly seen as a viable solution for addressing seismic industry challenges, getting partnerships off the ground remains complex. 

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how you can overcome traditional barriers to data collaboration and other key findings from the Winterberry Group’s report, Collaborative Data Solutions: The Evolution of Identity in a Privacy-First, Post-Cookie World.

Join Bruce Biegel, Senior Managing Partner at Winterberry Group, and Gareth Davies, VP Product, Safe Haven at LiveRamp, to learn:

Industry trends that are driving interest in data collaboration
The rise of technical data environments and the use cases they support
Frameworks for data collaborations supporting different business goals
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