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Forrester Research: How To Improve Marketing Outcomes and ROI Through Addressability

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Having a single, complete view of the customer is critical to understanding the customer journey and creating a seamless experience. In order to get that full view, you need to connect thousands of offline and online customer interactions. LiveRamp is the dynamic data collaboration platform trusted by leading companies to build strong relationships and deliver exceptional experiences throughout the entire customer journey. 

To build a business-case for the adoption of LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS), marketing decision-makers must consider many aspects of their business.

Download this bundle from Forrester Research including a checklist to develop a customized ROI assessment in four easy steps and an infographic showing the benefits of LiveRamp ATS. Below are some highlights from their research:

  • 35% of customer suppression savings attributed to LiveRamp
  • 8% improvement in making budget efficiency
  • 60-65% deterministic match rate established with LiveRamp