Hackweek XXXIV Recap


Learn from our challenges and triumphs as our talented engineering team offers insights for discussion and sharing.

Hackweek XXXIV Recap


The first Hackweek after we moved into our new office at 225 Bush St was no exception to LiveRamp’s long-lived hacking spirit. Hackweek comes at the end of each of our 10-week engineering cycle, when LiveRampers get a whole week to work on any cool idea of their own, which they believe will make either LiveRampers’ life or the company better. With LiveRamp itself first introduced as a Hackweek idea, it’s not surprising that many of our most loved tools and product features were born in Hackweeks.



Project Highlights

Turnaround Tracker version 2 (TTv2)

LiveRampers have constantly been working on making our data matching pipeline more transparent. Project TTv2, conducted by Aaron, Alfonso, Rishabh, Tina, Jeremy, Josh and Yining, was definitely a milestone. Each event in a customer file’s life within our pipeline, from being imported to delivery, is visualized against its estimated completion time. This allows our Product Implementation (PI) team to easily track the progress of an import. The dashboard also gives an informative summary of the overall speed and reliability of our system.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 2.22.55 PM

Training Admin

Admin is LiveRamp’s internal UI for accessing all aspects of our service, including file importing, customer configurations and many others that have real impact on our pipeline. “With great power comes great responsibility”, and thus Admin can be intimidating for people who have just got onboard.

Aaron, Armaan, Jessie, Kyle, Louis, and Neil proposed the idea of a training version of Admin and brought it to life. Training Admin has the same look and feel as real Admin with all real features available. However, it is a safe sandbox where people can perform the same actions as in real Admin without worrying about breaking anything. It is a solid step forward in building a more scalable onboarding process as LiveRamp keeps hiring actively.



LiveRamp engineers used to rely on a shared database for development. This is problematic as we sometimes intend to make changes that break stuff, which is obviously interruptive to our teammates. Charles, James and Shreyas tackled this problem by pulling a self-contained subset of data out of the shared database and localizing it. Now we can experiment with the localized database without worrying about changes cascading down to others. It also speeds up huge queries as the database size is significantly compressed. 1

The LocalDB team is planning to add their project to the LiveRamp open-source family.

Know Before You Go

It’s been some time since the last hardware-related Hackweek project, and Know Before You Go has the potential to become a cool and useful addition to our new office. Chris and I worked on this Arduino-based room occupancy detector and installed it on the door of one of our bathroom stalls. It currently uses a magnet sensor to detect whether the door is open and update the database via a bluetooth or wifi module. We’re planning to design a low-power system and to experiment with different sensors to make it universally adaptable around the office.



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