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BANG (Big AnoNymous Graph)


LiveRamp’s core products rely on procuring and processing links among diverse identifiers that relate to the same person. We make a strong distinction between PII (Personally Identifiable Information - anything which could trace back to a real-world person) and anonymous data. On the PII side of things, we have treated links among identifiers as ...

Kafka 0.8 Producer Performance

At LiveRamp, we constantly face scaling challenges as the volume of data that our infrastructure must deal with continues to grow. One such challenge involves the logging system. At present we use Scribe as the transport mechanism to get logs from our webapp servers into our HDFS cluster. Scribe has served us well, but ...

Server-Side Distribution

One of our previous blog posts provided an overview of our data onboarding system, covering the basics of segmentation, matching and distribution. In this post, we will delve into the details of server-side distribution, one of the primary mechanisms we employ to transfer data to ad networks and data management platforms (DMPs). The traditional method to ...