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Hackweek XLIV

For many LiveRampers, hackweek is one of their favorite parts of working here. It’s a time when you can work on whatever you think will bring the most value to the company, whether it is fixing a process that’s been making you miserable, cleaning up some old code that’s dragging down the system, or ...

Friday thoughts: fail, fast and furiously

tl;dr: When implementing a service or API, if you get a request you don't quite understand, the kindest thing you can do is to return a noisy error. Let's consider an API like:   GET /mySum?num=3&num=42 Pretty trivial, eh? I might implement this with something like:   func mySum(args url.Arguments, w http.ResponseWriter) {     w.Write(int(args["num"][0]) + int(args["num"][1]))   }  Wait a tick: what if ...