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Hackweek XXXIII recap

During Hackweek, everyone at LiveRamp gets a week to work on projects they’re passionate about. Hackweek has a long history at Liveramp; we’ve gotten many efficiency tools, new products, interesting investigations, and other fun things from it. We are very proud of results of this Hackweek, too. In case you missed our previous Hackweek recap, ...

BANG (Big AnoNymous Graph)


LiveRamp’s core products rely on procuring and processing links among diverse identifiers that relate to the same person. We make a strong distinction between PII (Personally Identifiable Information - anything which could trace back to a real-world person) and anonymous data. On the PII side of things, we have treated links among identifiers as ...

Maintaining Service Availability Using Monit

At LiveRamp, monitoring is a critical part of our infrastructure to ensure the availability of our services. At a system level, we have used several monitoring solutions like zabbix and nagios to keep track of the health of our servers. However, we also want the monitoring tools to take actions appropriately during failures. Our ...