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Puzzle: Coins and Scales Part 2/2

There are nine coins, one slightly heavier than the rest.  You have three old-fashioned balances like these that you can use to compare the weights of whichever sets of coins you would like. Exactly one of the balances provides arbitrary readings (neither necessarily right nor necessarily wrong), but you don't know which balance lies. ...

How to Survive Wiping Your Database

We use Ruby on Rails pretty heavily at LiveRamp, and we use Rails migrations to manage our database schemas. While Rails migrations are a great way to manage the schema for a single database, we have multiple production databases. Managing multiple schemas has been a bit of a pain point for us in the ...

(Code) Golfing at the office

Some doctors watch Grey's Anatomy to relax, and some engineers code for fun when they're not coding. Well, those engineers are us. Ben P. decided to kick off an internal game of code golf , which we're hoping will be the first of many. The objective is to solve a certain problem with the fewest ...

Puzzle: Banter

Greg says, "I'll tell Phil the product of two integers, each of which is greater than one, and Sean their sum." After Greg whispers to both of them, Phil shrugs, "I don't know Greg's numbers." "I already knew that," Sean states. "But now I do!" Phil exclaims. Sean smirks, "Well then so do I." What might Greg's integers be?