IdentityLink™ onboard


IdentityLink™ data onboarding allows you to activate your first-, second-, third-party, or contextual data in and across any marketing channel. Un-silo your wealth of customer and prospect data tied to identity by activating data for people-based marketing across all digital applications in your marketing stack.

Key Benefits

  • Online to Offline

    Connect data to platforms

    All offline and online data is connected back to a single identifier that can be onboarded to and between our 500+ digital marketing platform partners.

  • Data Security

    In a secure environment

    All data onboarding takes place in a LiveRamp Safe Haven® certified environment. Be sure all data is privacy-compliant, no matter where it is sent.

Features Powering Onboarding

  • Identity graph

    Identity graph

    All data resolved through IdentityLink™ can be delivered to and between any of our 500+ destinations. Easily onboard a single segment to multiple platforms and publishers for seamless messaging and measurement.

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  • LiveRamp Connect

    LiveRamp Connect

    Select from any of our 500+ platform and publisher partners and deliver a single segment to multiple destinations from one place: Connect. One file upload can be activated against in every channel.

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  • LiveRamp Safe Haven®

    LiveRamp Safe Haven®

    Our data onboarding process operates in a certified environment with technical, operational, and personnel controls designed to ensure the ethical use of data.

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