Second-Party Data

Get Second-Party Data Right

Second-Party Data

In a world where first-party data is a brand’s most valuable asset, second-party data has emerged as a game changer. The right second-party data relationship offers brands the opportunity to retain more control over the use of data while partnering with other ethical sources to build scale and enhance audience insights, segmentation, and activation.

Why Include Second-Party Data in your Data Strategy?

  • Analysis

    Improve customer experience

    Brands can compare CRM files in a secure environment and determine audience overlap to aid marketing initiatives. Distribute those audiences to any destination in LiveRamp’s partner ecosystem.

  • Measurement

    Measure advertising’s direct impact to sales

    With access to transaction data, you can measure the performance of your digital marketing efforts by tying exposure impressions to point-of-sale transactions and optimizing future spend.

  • Data Security

    Keep data safe and protected

    Data stewardship is fundamental. With LiveRamp’s safe-haven environment, you can be confident data is secure and controlled. LiveRamp delivers a privacy-first, compliant data connection you can trust.

Use it to Evaluate Media Partners

  • Improve media planning and buying decisions

    Improve media planning and buying decisions

    Compare how a publisher’s audience fits with your own CRM data to make smarter decisions about which publishers to include in your media strategy.

  • Flexibility to explore a variety of strategic partners

    Flexibility to explore a variety of strategic partners

    Activation is available regardless of tech stack affiliation for either you or your strategic partner. Without platform restrictions, the scale of your potential partners exponentially grows and continues LiveRamp’s mission to break down silos to improve and expand potential business partnerships.

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