Personalized Marketing

Personalized Marketing

Personalized Marketing

IdentityLink™ enables personalized marketing by recognizing your customers and best prospects across channels with an omnichannel, privacy-conscious link to identity.

There's no “one size fits all” marketing campaign that impacts all customers equally. On an individual level, people respond uniquely to different types of messaging. You need person-level data to bring one-to-one-marketing campaigns to life.

  • IdentityLink for site optimization

    Deliver tailor-made content to each website visitor

    • Problem

      Only a fraction of site visitors log in. Without any form of identity, it’s hard to display the content that’s most relevant to them.

    • Solution

      Deliver highly relevant content the moment viewers visit the landing page, no login required. Use IdentityLink™ to resolve customer segment data to devices and digital IDs, onboard to a personalization platform, and provide one-to-one marketing experiences without compromising user privacy.

    • Display

      Optimize without requiring a login

      Know the appropriate message to deliver to visitors by utilizing anonymized segment data.

    • Ecommerce

      Deliver the best experience

      Turn visitors into buyers by presenting relevant content and offers dynamically.

    • Data Syncing

      Unlock your competitive advantage

      Drive higher loyalty and brand affinity by giving users exactly what they want without requiring excess effort.

  • IdentityLink for dynamic site optimization

    Customize ads for each consumer

    • Problem

      When customer data isn’t there to inform marketing decisions, marketers might as well be blindfolded. Insufficient access to customer data impairs the ability to serve dynamic personalized ad creative for each consumer.

    • Solution

      Improve reach and deliver content users want to click on. Integrate CRM, sales, and third-party data into digital personalized marketing efforts with IdentityLink and onboard to a optimization partner for serving dynamic ads across every marketing channel.

    • Online Behavior

      Engage one-to-one

      Deliver the best combination of personalized marketing content, images, and calls to action that appeal to each consumer.

    • Ad Suppression

      Make digital ads count

      Use CRM data and purchase history to present customers with relevant product offers and drive higher conversions.

    • General Template 1 copy 3

      Unlock your competitive advantage

      Drive higher loyalty and brand affinity with consistent personalized marketing messages across channels.

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