Amplify insights, amplify impact


Improve measurement of digital marketing’s impact on brand, conversion, and sales with people-based measurement.

Blind spots abound in measuring digital marketing ROI and mapping the customer journey. Experience better visibility with Identity Resolution.

IdentityLink™ powers your own independent measurement, either in-house or with one of your preferred measurement platforms and partners.

Measurement enabled by IdentityLink™

  • Online/offline sales measurement

    Measure the sales impact of digital marketing

    • Problem

      Customer journeys criss-cross online and offline channels, but most end in a physical environment.  To maximize revenue you want to know how your digital efforts impacted all sales. Connecting the dots, devices, and data is extremely difficult.

    • Solution

      A people-based approach to measurement closes the loop in understanding what works in driving purchases, offline and on. Use IdentityLink™ to resolve first- and third-party purchase data back to individual consumers in a privacy-sensitive manner, measuring activity and outcomes to determine digital’s influence and optimize marketing channels.

    • Online to Offline

      Get the full picture

      Connect digital efforts to purchases to accurately measure ROI and ad effectiveness.

    • Native Ads

      See what's working

      Shine a spotlight on the messages and offers that drive the highest sales conversion rates.

    • Audience

      Know your customers

      Understand every customer journey for every individual – From A to B to $ – in a privacy-sensitive way.

  • Test and learn

    Understand digital creative, campaign, and channel influences on brand preference and incremental sales.

    • Problem

      When modern marketing requires you to message different customers across many touch-points in multiple ways, which way is up and which way is a dead-end? Which messages and media channels drive greatest incremental lift?

    • Solution

      To understand and quantify return on ad spend, you need to establish clear cause and effect from your marketing efforts. IdentityLink™ powers clean matched control groups to test and measure exposure outcomes with increased accuracy and confidence – use our ID expertise to raise your measurement IQ.

    • Financial

      Budget better

      Maximize ROI and ad spend efficiency by funneling resources to your most powerful digital marketing channels.

    • Publisher Data

      Understand audiences

      Differentiate your consumer segments – like new customers, loyalists or lapsed – to improve messaging, media, and results.

    • Education

      Act smarter

      A continuous test and learn cycle drives smarter, faster optimization opportunities, layering in more insight about more audiences over time.

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