A More Complete Measurement Solution


Enable precise measurement of digital marketing’s impact on sales and conversions.

Data silos prevent marketers from seeing the whole customer journey and measuring the ROI of digital marketing efforts. Connect first-, second-, and third-party data for greater visibility into customer interactions and the ability to optimize ad effectiveness on campaigns for maximum impact.

  • IdentityLink for Closed‑Loop Measurement

    Measure the impact of digital marketing on any sales channel

    • Problem

      Every marketer wants to know how their efforts impact sales. However, customers who start their journey online often end up making purchases in a store or over the phone, a trend that can make measurement exceedingly difficult.

    • Solution

      Closing the measurement loop is key to understanding what works and what doesn’t. Marketers use IdentityLink to resolve first- and third-party purchase data back to the consumer in a privacy-safe manner, and then onboard that data to their preferred attribution partner.

    • Online to Offline

      Get the Full Picture

      Tie online efforts to offline purchases to accurately measure ROI and ad effectiveness.

    • Native Ads

      See What’s Working

      Give appropriate credit to the messages and offers that drive the highest conversion rates.

    • Audience

      Know Your Customers

      See how customers are behaving online and how this behavior translates to offline activity.

  • IdentityLink for Cross‑channel Attribution

    Measure campaign performance across marketing channels

    • Problem

      Customer activity isn’t limited to one device. Users engage with brands across multiple platforms and screens, so it’s challenging to know which ads are effectively  pushing them to the final sale.

    • Solution

      Connect exposure data with first- and third-party purchase data across channels by resolving all customer devices back to the customers to which they belong. Then, onboard to a measurement platform to clearly establish cause, effect, and impact.

    • General Template 4

      Attribute with Precision

      Determine which channels are contributing the most to conversion, give credit where credit is due, and capture more marketing budget.

    • Publisher Data

      Drive Smarter Marketing Investments

      Maximize ROI and quality of ad spend by funneling resources to the most effective digital marketing channels.

    • General Template 1 copy 3

      Demystify the Customer Journey

      Make more informed marketing decisions with a consolidated view, no matter how many devices or channels a customer is in.

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