Data Monetization Powered By IdentityLink

Monetize data in more places

Data Monetization Powered By IdentityLink

IdentityLink™ identifies, connects, and extends the reach of your data, making it safe and easy for marketers to purchase and activate that data anywhere. Take it to the next level, and distribute data across 500+ partners for data monetization opportunities powered by LiveRamp.

  • Generate more revenue from third-party data

    Monetize data and make it accessible everywhere buyers want it

    • Problem

      Data monetization requires a lot of time and resources to set up multiple direct licensing agreements and integrations.

    • Solution

      LiveRamp’s IdentityLink™ data store makes it easy to monetize data across 100+ platforms and publishers with one contract. Save on operational overhead by streamlining identity resolution, distribution, usage reporting, billing, and contracts.

    • data services

      Let us take care of the overhead

      The IdentityLink™ data store provides usage reporting, contracts, and data stewardship controls, so data owners can focus on improving core offerings.

    • Identity Resolution

      People-based marketing at scale

      Whether data is online or offline, cookie- or mobile-based, IdentityLink™ gives you a scalable way to tie it to any requested identifiers at the consumer or household level.

    • 3rd Party Data

      Be available everywhere quickly

      With LiveRamp’s 500+ marketing application integrations, third-party data can seamlessly be made available anywhere clients want to use it.

  • Sell first-party data and maintain full control

    IdentityLink™ allows anyone to sell their data, the way they want to

    • Problem

      There’s so much valuable data that brands could use for reaching prospective customers throughout their cross-channel marketing campaigns. But, you need to maintain control access, pricing, and usage of your data.

    • Solution

      Monetize data in more places without losing control. The IdentityLink™ data store gives data owners control over where and how their data appears to buyers. Data can be branded or unbranded, and controls are available to determine who can view your data.

    • Data Sharing

      Unlock the value of your data

      Your first-party data can be extremely valuable to other marketers and monetization can bring added revenue to your business. IdentityLink™ enables added value for sellers and buyers alike.

    • Controlled

      Maintain full control

      IdentityLink™ allows data owners to maintain full control over their data while monetizing. Choose where and how data appears to buyers.

    • Data Security

      Keep data safe

      All data is privacy-safe and secure when distributed through LiveRamp, a Safe Haven for data.