Data for Good

Data for Good

Data for Good

LiveRamp is a company of innovators, engineers, marketers, and data ethics experts who are on a mission to make data safe and easy to use.

We power more relevant experiences with the brands you love by providing the trusted platform that makes data accessible and meaningful in a privacy-conscious way. Data used properly benefits both businesses and individuals, and provides the much-needed context for delivering better, more relevant customer experiences. It’s important to understand what we’re not: we are not a data manufacturer, we don’t collect consumer data, and we’re not a data broker. Rather, we are the platform that connects and enables data to be safely used across all applications that power better customer experiences.

  • Privacy & Trust

    We are committed to consumer privacy

    A culture of accountability is essential to success in a data-driven world. Above all, we believe in doing what’s legal, just, and fair.

  • Distribute

    We drive conversations around data ethics

    We advocate for policies that protect consumers and provide a level playing field for companies of all sizes to deliver great experiences.

  • Data Governance

    We believe in the power of data for good

    Data can shape our world for the better, and is helping to address humanitarian issues like poverty, health, education, and the environment.