How Microsoft Advertising Drives Personalization and Measurement with the LiveRamp Clean Room

Microsoft Advertising powers data collaboration built on trust with LiveRamp.


Microsoft Advertising

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10,000+ employees


Advertising & Social Media, Software & Technology

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Clean room

Cloud collaboration




Publishers + platforms

By pushing today’s tech boundaries, Microsoft Advertising connects brands to billions of people online – everywhere they are – in a privacy-focused way.

Find out how Microsoft Advertising helps advertisers dream big in measurement and insights with LiveRamp’s clean room solutions by:

  • Creating a space for data collaboration that strengthens trust, safety, and data ethics
  • Enhancing targeting and measurement across channels, from search to CTV
  • Providing visibility into the metrics that matter most to brands

What I love about LiveRamp's clean room solution is not only the multi-cloud capability, but you can really dream big on the analysis that you can do together, on the measurement that you can do together, on the insights you can generate. LiveRamp enables us to collaborate with advertisers in ways where everybody is confident that their trust and safety needs are met.

Lynne Kjolso VP Global Partnerships & Retail Media, Microsoft