Chartboost Accelerates Publishers’ Revenue with LiveRamp

Chartboost helps advertisers connect to the authenticated ecosystem via RampID.

120+ % increase in bid rate
145+ % increase in publisher eCPM

Advertising and Social

Use Cases

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120+ % increase in bid rate
145+ % increase in publisher eCPM

The Challenge

Chartboost is a leading in-app monetization platform built by top game developers. Chartboost sought to enhance publisher revenue through authenticated inventory. It needed a way not only to align with the growing demand for first-party data strategies among marketers, but optimize monetization opportunities for publishers.

The Solution

Chartboost partnered with LiveRamp to help its publishers make their audiences addressable within LiveRamp’s authenticated ecosystem, increasing the value of their inventory for brand marketers.

Chartboost integrated LiveRamp’s durable, privacy-centric identifier and connector, RampID, into its platform. Publishers could then transact on this authenticated identifier, the preferred solution for the ecosystem to activate on their first-party data.

Platforms like Chartboost are able to help publishers transact on RampID with marketers and DSPs to personalize their marketing, and use RampID’s exposure logs to engage in person-based measurement.

The Results

By deploying RampID, Chartboost was able to help marketers deliver more relevant advertising to customers, boost monetization for their publisher partners, and increase bid rates. Initial results showed an increase of more than 120% in bid rate across all ad formats, meaning that mobile games partnered with Chartboost and integrated with LiveRamp saw substantial increase in advertiser interest.

The increased bid rate correlated to an increase in eCPM, showing better monetization for publishers, and generating significant incremental revenue. Across all ad formats, publisher eCPM increased by more than 145%, showing RampID helped Chartboost’s mobile game developers immensely as they maximized revenue.

Chartboost continues to expand its work with publishers, including parent companies Take-Two and Zynga, to safely and securely connect inventory to marketer audiences without relying on mobile identifiers.

What’s next?

If you’re ready to join the world’s most innovative companies and explore what data collaboration can do for you and your partners, LiveRamp is ready to help!