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LiveRamp is the perfect place to start a life outside of college. Our company is young and filled with smart, energetic, and motivated people. We operate like a startup with the resources of a large company and offer interns and new grads the 1 to 1 mentorship and guidance needed to launch a career in the tech industry.

  • Audience

    Immediate impact

    At LiveRamp, everyone’s a team player and opportunities abound. There’s too much at stake to leave players on the bench.

  • Measurement

    Growth opportunities

    In everything we do, from product to people, we ask ourselves how we can improve. Failure, feedback, and personal development are core to the LiveRamp experience.

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    Talent development

    We believe in growing our talent and promoting from within. Our culture of mentorship ensures rapid upward mobility. In fact, our co-CEO Anneka started her as a new graduate at LiveRamp.

    • We know you don’t know everything yet. And that’s okay.

      As a new grad, you’ll be paired with a mentor who will help guide your development starting on Day 1. We’ll work with you to turn your raw intelligence into real-world ability and unlock the potential that lies beyond your education. To learn more about how we code at LiveRamp, visit our engineering page.

      • Zhiqi L.

        Identity Platoon

        Zhiqi L.
        "The two things I like most about LiveRamp are the people and and the product. Working on such a smart, friendly, and motivated team makes collaborating on development easy and fun and allows us to quickly solve problems and ship products. This rapid iteration gives a real sense of meaning and purpose to my work, and with every commit and every project, I feel like I'm contributing to turning the company's vision into a reality."
      • Skyler C.

        Applications Platoon

        Skyler C.
        "What I love most about working at LiveRamp is our culture of autonomy and growth. At LiveRamp I feel like it's okay if I break something, but I’m expected to fix it quickly, learn from the experience, and pass that lesson on to my peers. This makes coming to work exciting - I never know exactly what is going to happen, but I do know that I'll be learning and growing as an engineer!"
      • John P.

        Integrations Platoon

        John P.
        "From Day 1, I was provided with structure and direction. With help from mentors and teammates, I was able to ramp up quickly and start working on real projects right away. My first project working on bundling and quarantining workflow errors eased me into LiveRamp's engineering environment and met an immediate need. With each new project my sense of impact has only grown."
    • Tech Entrance Rotation & Mentorship (TERM)

      LiveRamp’s TERM program is designed for top graduates of all disciplines who want to enter the tech industry. Explore the deep, technical guts of our products or take ownership of the birds-eye, high-level architecture of our organization. No matter your team or role, you’ll have the opportunity and support to take on important projects that demand utmost creativity, flexibility, and ingenuity.

      • Léa O.

        Current Rotation: Product Manager

        Léa O.
        "What do I love about TERM? The people, the mentorship, the projects, and the flexibility. Through TERM, I have met some of my best friends and greatest mentors. I have been empowered to join and contribute to any project I have been interested in at LiveRamp, and have been able to choose what path I would like to take to develop my knowledge and skill set. TERM is definitely one of the greatest experiences I've had in the working world, and as a non-CS major, I could not dream of a better way to get into the tech industry."
      • Eric R.

        Current Rotation: Product Operations Manager

        Eric R.
        "It's neat to be in an environment where fun is so purposefully paired with productivity. The TERM program is great at creating social opportunities for you to quickly get to know a huge variety of people. In the end, this makes the work itself far more collaborative and rewarding. And your potential for both personal and career growth is huge when you're able to so easily get exposure to such a diverse set of smart, ambitious, and successful people.""
      • Ben M.

        Current Rotation: Chief of Staff, Engineering

        Ben M.
        "For someone who wanted to join the tech industry without committing to software engineering, the TERM program has been a godsend. On my first day, I was tasked with complex problems involving org scaling, hypergrowth issues, and talent development. Finding a job where I can exercise and develop my soft skills has left me profoundly happy and eternally grateful. I feel the impact of my work daily and can’t imagine a better way to launch a life post-graduation."
    • We don’t have “special projects” for interns like some other companies.

      At LiveRamp, engineering interns contribute directly to our company’s success through their work. You can expect to work alongside mentors on top-priority production projects in data engineering and processing. By the end of your internship, you’ll have the mentorship and experience needed to code like a pro.

      • Cale H.

        Summer 2016 Intern

        Cale H.
        "I enjoyed being able to work on the actual codebase. I was not stuck on some intern assignment that never made it to production. My contributions were utilized and I was able to have an impact on the projects."
      • Edward G.

        Summer 2016 Intern

        Edward G.
        "LiveRamp is nothing if not fast-paced. I felt pretty overwhelmed at the start, but everyone on the team was happy to help a newbie out. The atmosphere here is akin to a twenty-person startup, with the support system of a well-established company, and I think LiveRamp has struck a great balance between those cultures."
      • Davin C.

        Summer 2016 Intern

        Davin C.
        "I really enjoyed HackWeek. The pitching of ideas, the gathering of teams, the late-night hacking - the energy was electrifying and the audacious projects inspiring. I loved that I was able collaborate with members from other teams to solve problems, all while learning about all the different parts of our system. To me, HackWeek is symbolic of LiveRamp's fantastic culture: collaborative rapid problem solving with nice people."

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