Apple’s IDFA Changes Underscore the Need For Fully Consented Identity Solutions

Apple is known for shaking up the mobile world, and this week’s WWDC was no exception. Their mobile, desktop, and TV OSes all got upgrades, including additional security measures that have advertisers and publishers trying to assess what the future holds for them when iOS 14 releases this fall. For those not familiar with IDFA, […]

Explore How Surging Viewership Is Redefining TV Strategies

On June 17th, Variety’s Streaming Room webinar, “Surging Viewership Rewriting TV Measurement Strategies,” kicked off with research presented by LiveRamp’s Christine Grammier, Manager Director, Strategic Growth, featuring key insights focused on cross-screen consumption during shelter-in-place and how brands can better reach their targeted audiences. Todd Spangler, NY Digital Editor, Variety, then led a spirited panel […]

What Will Happen to Mobile Addressability if Apple Removes Access to IDFA?

This week Apple will hold its annual WWDC, and the advertising ecosystem will once again hold its collective breath to find out if the rumors are true. We’ve seen progressive updates to Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), which has completely shut out third-party cookies on Safari. Now there’s chatter that Apple may announce restrictions or removal […]

Will the Pandemic Finally Push Addressable TV Past Its Tipping Point?

Prior to people ever hearing about COVID-19, many large powerful trends and forces had emerged that were pushing the industry towards addressable television. To be clear, the technology to power addressable television has existed for at least 20 years—and some might argue even longer than that. With the rise of the two-way cable infrastructure and […]

The Role of Data in TV Advertising during and Post Coronavirus

“I have planned my TV investment every year for the past 10 years using Nielsen data, and now it doesn’t reflect the current state. Where are my audiences and how do I find them?” That’s one issue many marketers are wrestling with. Given the massive changes in the world, it’s likely you’re somewhere between “rebuild […]

TV Is Changing—Are You Keeping Up?

Television ad campaigns are still a valuable investment, with consumers watching more than a day’s worth of programming each week. Now, advertisers have more power than ever to reach audiences where they’re spending the most time—and that’s not always in front of a set-top box in the living room. Viewers also are no longer confined […]