The Power of Permission in Privacy

Privacy and identity are intrinsically related; there isn’t one without the other. Privacy enables individuals to draw boundaries across their public and private identities and take control of how they present themselves in different scenarios. For example, Tim Geenen, GM of Privacy & Consumer Experiences at LiveRamp, is very different from Tim Geenen, house DJ […]

Apple’s IDFA Changes Underscore the Need For Fully Consented Identity Solutions

Apple is known for shaking up the mobile world, and this week’s WWDC was no exception. Their mobile, desktop, and TV OSes all got upgrades, including additional security measures that have advertisers and publishers trying to assess what the future holds for them when iOS 14 releases this fall. For those not familiar with IDFA, […]

What Will Happen to Mobile Addressability if Apple Removes Access to IDFA?

This week Apple will hold its annual WWDC, and the advertising ecosystem will once again hold its collective breath to find out if the rumors are true. We’ve seen progressive updates to Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), which has completely shut out third-party cookies on Safari. Now there’s chatter that Apple may announce restrictions or removal […]

What Anchors Identity

There’s a lot of talk about solving for identity while maintaining an individual’s privacy: how it will or should work, and whether or not these solutions meet the ethical bar and put individuals first. It’s time to go beyond the smoke and mirrors, and have a frank conversation about the complex nature of identity.  Let’s […]

Digiday+ Talks Recap: What Comes after the Cookie

On May 12th, Digiday+ Talks featured LiveRamp’s SVP and Head of Publishing, Jason White, along with Jarrod Dicker, VP Commercial, from The Washington Post. Moderated by Lara O’Reilly from Digiday, the panel discussed “What Comes after the Cookie,” where Jason and Jarrod both addressed the elephant in the room for publishers—ad revenue will take a […]

Maximizing your B2B Marketing Impact during an Economic Downturn

During this trying time, it’s more crucial than ever that B2B marketing budgets are used efficiently to generate leads and build a sales pipeline with the right decision makers from target accounts. With many in-person event cancellations, marketing budgets are shifting to digital channels. For some, this is uncharted territory. Here are three ways LiveRamp […]