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What’s New at LiveRamp: Summer 2020

  • - Taya Varnichpun
  • 3 min read

At LiveRamp, we may have been sheltering-in-place these past few months, but we are not sitting still. Here’s a round-up of what’s been keeping us busy and the ways we are improving for our clients and partners.

Preparing for Measurement in a Cookieless World

The clock is ticking and third-party cookies are no longer a viable identifier. This major tide change gives us an opportunity to re-architect the way our industry operates, while also safeguarding existing capabilities that advertisers rely on to power seamless customer experiences. Brands must strategically transition to the new frontier of data activation and measurement in a trusted ecosystem

Learn more about what we’re doing to fix a broken ecosystem with cookieless solutions built for establishing consumer trust. Check out our latest e-book, “Addressability in a Cookieless World: Reestablishing Trust in the Ecosystem.”  

Ensuring TV Investments Deliver Results

Marketers are being asked to make their campaign dollars go further, and their budgets are being scrutinized more in the current climate. So when it comes to TV marketing partners and platforms, it’s important they help deliver on improving the bottom line with full advanced TV capabilities. Among other criteria, cross-screen measurement partners should be transparent in helping marketers understand their methodology. Check out our infographic on the five questions to ask when assessing a cross-screen measurement partner.

While we’re on the topic of TV and measurement, have you been measuring the value of your ad campaigns based on the metrics that matter to your business? To justify its TV investment, ThirdLove, a direct-to-consumer underwear brand, turned to LiveRamp TV’s Data Plus Math. By engaging with Data Plus Math, ThirdLove was able to link exposure from its media strategy with actions of their ad viewers, revealing a 60% incremental lift on TV impact from search conversions. Check out the case study to see what other quantifiable metrics ThirdLove uncovered.

LiveRamp in the News

Check out recent news stories with our LiveRamp thought leaders, with topics ranging from data connectivity to preparing for the death of third-party cookies with a trusted ecosystem:

  • What makes a data infrastructure reliable? Meaningful customer experiences not only drive loyalty, but also rebuild trust. To deliver these experiences, our CEO Scott Howe says a reliable data infrastructure, powered by data connectivity, is key. Scott shares with The Drum the pillars of what makes a data infrastructure reliable.
  • Data clean rooms are a good start, but are not enough. LiveRamp’s Global Managing Director, Alice Sutton, discusses with Digiday how brands can collaborate with data partners as they assess all touch points of the customer journey. One way companies can get started on the right path, she says, is to convert data to persistent identifiers. Read on for more ways to build a more comprehensive understanding of your audience.
  • Retaining pandemic-era customers. Shelter-in-place has created opportunities for some brands to gain new customers from shifting consumer behaviors. As Scott Howe shares in Digiday, “to protect newly-won market share, prevent churn, and continue to drive growth, organizations must double down on understanding and engaging new customers to develop valuable long-term relationships.”  
  • Acceleration of Addressable TV adoption. Speaking of behavioral changes and opportunities resulting from shelter-in-place, U.S. consumers are spending an additional 229 minutes watching TV every day. LiveRamp TV’s John Hoctor predicts in AdWeek that this shift in television consumption will push addressable TV to reach a tipping point of adoption much faster. 

LiveRamp on the Air

Our LiveRamp experts have been sharing their point of view on TV, addressability, and the future of the advertising ecosystem. Catch our weekly social video series, “LiveRamp on the Air,” Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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