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Recap: What’s Hot in TV Measurement—A Conversation with Eli Lilly

  • - LiveRamp
  • 1 min read

In the recent fireside chat, John-Michael del Valle, Head of LiveRamp TV Specialists, was joined by Steven J. Rommeney, Senior Advisor for Eli Lilly, to discuss what’s hot in TV advertising measurement in the ever-changing landscape. After all, TV has evolved into a multi-platform market consisting of linear and digital streams and on-demand offerings—so why should we be tied to measurement that is? 

Fragmentation is always a recurring theme. In this clip, Steven shares his thoughts on the opportunities that Eli Lilly has seen in harnessing that fragmentation.

In this next clip, John-Michael asks Steve about the technologies from identity to measurement Eli Lilly has adopted to help them navigate this new world of television and avoid “just pummeling linear households with the same message.”

Just before wrapping up, both John-Michael and Steve responded to a viewer’s question about recalibrating since the pandemic when their budget breakout is still being heavily scrutinized, “what’s the top area you suggest we focus on to get a handle on this with cross-screen measurement?”

Watch the full replay, and if you’re interested in how LiveRamp can maximize the value of your TV spend with data activation and measurement, send an email to [email protected].