What is LiveRamp?

Marketing Innovation

LiveRamp onboards offline data. 

That’s it. It’s really hard to do. And it isn’t sexy…we’re in the background — in the tubes. But data onboarding is completely critical to third party data companies and will soon be needed by every large marketer. And we want to help them all.

We’re proud to be pioneers in an important new area of marketing technology, one that all marketers will soon include in their toolbox. LiveRamp data onboarding enables companies to use their offline customer data in online advertising. We work with marketers to take the most valuable customer knowledge around — CRM data — and connect it to online audiences.

It sounds so simple, right? Bring the hugely rich assets of offline database marketing online, creating the opportunity to make online advertising as precise and responsive as email and direct marketing. But if it were so simple, everyone would be doing it. LiveRamp is the only company focused solely on data onboarding (including purchase history, direct mail, email campaigns, loyalty, and CRM).  That’s all we do. We don’t buy media or sell data;  we are purely a neutral onboarder. And we are proud to work seamlessly with the leading online ad networks and platforms.

As we work on becoming the leaders in data onboarding, stay tuned for thought leadership pieces, announcements, and updates from the view at the top.