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What is LiveRamp Identity Infrastructure?

October 12, 2016  |   LiveRamp

For years, LiveRamp has been known as the premier onboarding platform.

When we first started, our mission was simple. Help marketers and the companies that support them connect offline data to the digital ecosystem. But in the past couple of years, “digital” has exploded–from just over 250 platforms in 2011, to over 3,500 in 2016.

Both offline and online, new channels and new mediums produce ever-increasing complexity, requiring more platforms to manage them and decreasing consistency in the customer experience as a result.

LiveRamp’s identity infrastructure enables our customers to resolve the hundreds of different identifiers for consumers used on devices, marketing platforms, and in their own internal systems to individuals or households in a privacy-centric manner.

It doesn’t matter if data is offline or online, first-party CRM or third-party behavioral, online exposure data or mobile app download data—all of it can be tied back to a unique, pseudonymous RampID.

Everyone has some of the pieces—we can help you put them together in a secure, privacy-conscious manner to create a more complete and accurate picture of your audiences.

This means that brands and the companies that support them can finally achieve an omnichannel view of the customer before they activate their data. Through LiveRamp, you can activate your data on the platforms of your choice, connect with audiences across the open web, measure the results, and optimize,  all while enriching customer intelligence and serving seamless experiences..

Now, no matter where your first-party data exists, you can activate it across a number of use cases beyond marketing. With an omnichannel view of the customer, everyone wins, from your customers to internal teams benefiting from cleaner, more complete data.

So what hasn’t changed?

Connect is still our customers’ portal into our platform.

Our commitment to privacy and high-quality data stewardship is still woven into every step of our process. We are still committed to neutrality and connecting the entire marketing ecosystem.

We think that by taking the next step from onboarding to identity infrastructure, we will solve the unique challenges marketers and the companies that support them are facing today by giving consumers the best experience possible.

Want to learn more?

Watch our brief introduction to LiveRamp identity or check out this webinar to learn next-generation best practices for building a first-party data strategy.