Addressable TV Advertising 101

Marketing Innovation

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Addressable TV Advertising 101

Marketing Innovation

Addressable TV Market Advertising

TV advertising has historically involved the delivery of the same ad campaign to millions of viewers nationwide.

“Content is still king, but consumers are shaping their own content-discovery experience, and the evolving media landscape has not lessened consumer demand for quality, professionally-produced content. What has changed is the number and reliability of new media available to viewers” – Dounia Turrill, SVP Insights,

What is Addressable TV Advertising?

The Addressable TV market, a fast-growing subset of television advertising, allows marketers to define their target audience and offer targeted commercials to only that audience, wherein viewers of the same show see different ads.


Why It’s Important?

When an advertiser can clearly define its audience, there’s an opportunity for meaningful TV advertising.

We recently caught up with Tom Hagopian, vice president of advanced advertising at DIRECTV, and he drilled into the three most important values it brings to marketers:

  • Efficiency – fewer wasted impressions results when marketers can target ads using first-and third-party data
  • Efficacy – marketers experience greater sales lift and higher brand affinity, aspiration, awareness, and consideration
  • Accountability – marketers gain greater ability to measure performance and ROI

To learn more about these values and how technologies is enabling positive improvements and differentiation for media buying, consumer behavior, and key brand metrics, access these resources now:

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