Using Data to Boost the Performance of Online Campaigns

Marketing Innovation

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Using Data to Boost the Performance of Online Campaigns

Marketing Innovation

We recently gathered industry leaders from dunnhumby, Videology and comScore to help marketers understand the kinds of results they can expect when using first and third-party data to drive the performance of their online campaigns:

  • Lung Huang, VP of Global Partnerships at dunnhumby highlighted the importance of effective data-driven marketing strategies for driving repeat sales, especially in crowded market categories. He presented a case study where a CPG brand used purchase data to achieve an increased number of trial and repeat customers compared to a control group.

    The campaign delivered a 10x ROI. Offline sales data was used to measure overall results as well as the incremental lift over the control group.

  • Aleck Schleider, VP of Data and Analytics at Videology brought us up to speed on the rapidly changing TV and video landscape. Consumers are spending more time on digital devices, driving marketers to plan video campaigns holistically across TV and online channels.

    Aleck reinforced the importance of using offline sales data for closed-loop measurement when analyzing campaign results, and he shared two case studies. The first featured a CPG brand that achieved a 26% lift in sales results by using purchase data for targeting. This approach outperformed another test segment that retargeted TV viewers.

  • The second case study focused on a quick-service food retailer, who used location data and day-parting around meal times to achieve a 21% lift over a control group. Analysis of offline sales data revealed a 13.3% greater lift among consumers exposed to the ad 3+ times.

  • Kelly Barrett, VP of Partnerships at comScore gave a quick primer on how shifting the mix even modestly between TV and online can produce dramatic increases in reach.

    Kelly presented research findings that showed the median offline sales lift produced by CPG online advertising campaigns was 21%. She also spoke to the importance of buying viewable ad inventory and presented a CPG case study that demonstrated a 40% improvement in viewability resulted in a 75% increase in sales.

The expertise of the presenters was impressive, and so were the results they achieved for their clients. LiveRamp played a supporting role in most of the case studies by onboarding purchase data for targeting and by matching campaign exposure data to anonymized offline sales data for analysis.