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How to Elevate the Conversation for the 2020 TV Upfront

  • - Shringar Pangal
  • 2 min read

As we move closer to the end of the year, advertisers are wrapping up their Upfront commitments, launching their holiday campaigns, and preparing for 2020 Upfront. How do you handle the strategic planning while juggling the craze of the holiday season? 

The answer lies in the data. Measure your Q4 efforts to have a clear idea of how your previous campaigns performed and quantify the impact of your TV investments before the next round of planning. These results will help you better drive negotiations for next year, while also having more fruitful discussions with programmers and platforms.

Measurement shouldn’t be an afterthought. We’ve put together a complete guide to an Advanced TV Measurement Strategy to help advertisers identify campaign wins beyond branding and sales, and demonstrate how they can pay for advertising based on the metrics that matter to them.

But that’s only half the equation. The other half are the TV networks that are also gearing up to show they’re willing to measure what brands are interested in: actual business outcomes driven through TV exposures. With the acquisition of Data Plus Math, LiveRamp now enables a more personalized and data-driven TV advertising ecosystem. 

At our latest TV Attribution Council meeting hosted this week, we discussed with MVPDs and networks how to prepare for advertisers demanding their TV spend be attributed to real-world business outcomes. We were thrilled to see the engagement in the room among the TV industry who want to find ways to uncover the true value of their inventory, laying the foundation to providing guarantees on the outcomes delivered. 

In addition, some other topics covered at the meeting included:

  • Be a good partner and look in retrospect. Brands are looking for benchmarks and norms. Programmers who can provide these benchmarks will help keep the conversations going and encourage more brands to increase their TV spend. 
    • Create those benchmarks from retrospective data to uncover new target areas.
  • Measure across screens. In the wake of the shifting TV landscape, networks need to maximize the value of their media by measuring cross-screen and tying it to real business outcomes for advertisers.

The TV industry has been plagued with silos and broad-based measurement for too long, but the age of accountability is here. With that, 2020 is the year where advertisers demand more from every dollar spent. Be it tracking your cross-screen reach and frequency, understanding creative resonance, or measuring business outcomes, they need the right data to make informed decisions. 

Advertisers and their partners should schedule a time to kick off planning now, since the Upfront seems to start earlier and earlier every year. Get ahead of the schedule and maximize your TV investments for next year. To learn more on how LiveRamp is revolutionizing the TV ecosystem, reach out to [email protected]