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How TV and Digital Advertising Capabilities Are Converging

  • - Jessica Hindlian
  • 1 min read

The four “flavors” of Advanced TV are opening doors for all kinds of marketers to enter the world of TV advertising. And the industry continues to spectate the growth of digital ad spend vs. TV as both worlds converge.

It makes sense. Advertisers aren’t used to people-based TV capabilities, so it may take time to mobilize their entire marketing organization to think about true omnichannel marketing, where TV and digital teams live in happy, unsiloed harmony.

What they may not know is that digital and TV advertising buyers can already accomplish the same people-based possibilities across channels to offer amazing, personalized experiences at specific moments, in a privacy-conscious manner.

How TV and Digital Advertising Capabilities Are Converging

There’s no truer example of TV and digital advertising merging than Connected TV, with advertising demand across internet-connected TV growing at a rapid pace. It’s sure to be a hot topic at CES next week, as networks and advertising platforms are finding ways to capture the consumer amid countless hours binge-streaming the latest shows on Hulu or Roku.

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