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Three Keys To Start Building Trusted Data Partnerships

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Trust is a critical prerequisite for safe, secure, and successful data collaboration

Historically, much of this trust-building was captured on paper through contracts and legal documents. Today, technology supports those policies and agreements, operationalizing what a recent Winterberry Report considers the core elements of trust-building for data collaboration: provenance, governance, and permission. 

Build trust for data collaboration with technology

Provenance, governance, and permission are not routine requests that you can just check off with your data privacy officer, head of analytics, or CIO. These are new territories, so they depend on clear, open conversations and the support of technology to uphold.

It’s important to understand what they entail before engaging with your colleagues. We’ve put together this infographic primer on provenance, governance, and permission to help guide your conversations and relationships with key stakeholders in your mission to jump-start data collaborations. It’s worth the effort! A strategic, well-executed data collaboration strategy is a powerful route to deeper customer intelligence and real competitive advantage to grow your business, now and in the future.  

The who, what, how, and why of data collaboration infographic

Ready to get started with data collaboration?

Read the Winterberry report to get the full picture of how brands and their current and potential partners can do just that, and check out these recent posts on getting data collaboration right: