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ThirdLove Unlocks the Power of Quantifiable TV Data

  • - Tara Franceschini
  • 2 min read

As a direct-to-consumer retailer, ThirdLove was experiencing high growth and wanted to continue its momentum by diversifying its advertising strategy to build on its digital and social foundation.

To scale ThirdLove’s growth, the company decided to strategically expand its reach into television by matching ad buys to measurable business objectives to prove their ROI. To determine these important metrics, ThirdLove engaged LiveRamp TV’s Data Plus Math to measure whether their TV investment was truly driving incremental site traffic and sales. 

By tying television ad exposure with actions their viewers took, Data Plus Math unlocked quantifiable metrics that went far beyond traditional TV demographic ratings, enabling ThirdLove to have a better understanding of their audience. Incremental business outcomes measured by Data Plus Math revealed a 60% lift in search conversion rates as a result of TV advertising. Reporting from Data Plus Math also revealed that from September 2019 to December 2019, ThirdLove also saw a 65.6% uptick in likeliness to take its Fit Finder quiz, a step-by-step assessment to help online shoppers determine the correct bra size.

These impressive metrics not only helpedThirdLove prove the ROI of their TV ad spend, they also provided the brand with new data to better understand their audience and inform where they could drive the most impact. The learnings validated TV ad spend, instigating a fundamental change to ThirdLove’s marketing campaigns in which TV would be included moving forward.

Check out the case study to learn more on how LiveRamp TV’s Data Plus Math can help measure business outcomes to prove the value of TV ad spend.