TERM Spotlight: Rebecca Houser

Marketing Innovation

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TERM Spotlight: Rebecca Houser

Marketing Innovation

Rebecca graduated from college with a degree in Government, a minor in Economics, and a desire to work in tech. “I had spent four years learning about governments creating problems and was drawn to how tech companies were doing the opposite.”

She joined LiveRamp’s TERM (Tech Entrance Rotation & Mentorship) program right out of school in hopes of gaining insight into the different parts of a tech company: what the responsibilities of specific teams are, how a company builds and maintains a successful product, and how she could ultimately fit into that framework.

“What stood out to me about the TERM program, especially among the other tech rotational programs I looked at, was the opportunity to further my technical abilities on the job. After taking some programming courses at school, I knew how empowering that skillset was and I wanted to continue developing my knowledge. LiveRamp struck me as a company with really smart people who were generous in their willingness to teach. So TERM was a role where I would learn a lot, contribute to an interesting product, and dive into the middle of the action in an incredible company. Also it was an acronym, and those sound super legit.”

The TERM program affords LiveRampers a unique opportunity to rotate through different teams, starting on our Product Implementation Management (PIM) team. There is no such thing as a typical “day-to-day” on the PIM team. From interacting with customers to working with a teammate on how to handle a new request, your day will vary depending on the problem you are working on. “And though the tasks vary day to day, I can confidently say that not a day passes without a solid music recommendation from my coworkers, snack time with kale chips or chocolate covered almonds, and laughing with the PIM team.”

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With TERM, Rebecca had the flexibility to work on a variety of projects. At the beginning of her tenure, she spent some time helping recruit at her alma mater and took over running the all-hands meetings every quarter. Now she is rotating to be Chief of Staff for the next year, then she will once again have the opportunity to see where she fits best within LiveRamp. “The Chief of Staff opportunity pretty much exemplifies how LiveRamp likes to grow their talent and trusts their employees by giving them lots of responsibility, and that continues to impress me.”

When asked to talk about a project she worked on that she was proud of, Rebecca described how she worked together with someone on our Customer Success team to improve the way one of our clients was using their data. “I put together a script to process their files, worked through the bugs that came up, and coordinated with a contact at the destination partner how I would send data to them and how they would send it back. I worked with one of my team members to make sure I was accurately interpreting the results, and then communicated the results back to the Customer Success manager and client.”

Equally important, Rebecca implemented “Onesie Wednesday” here at LiveRamp – and it’s exactly what it sounds like – you wear your onsie to work on Wednesdays. She is confident it will become a national phenomenon in no time!


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