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More cloud-native applications in Snowflake and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, better CTV match rates, and our customers’ top-requested feature

  • - LiveRamp
  • 3 min read

We’ve been hearing from many of you that companies are tightening their belts, requiring you to do more with less. Unfortunately, this is a tale as old as time for marketers, but we are confident that we can help you maximize and improve the return for each investment. 

To that end, we are pleased to share the following product updates that enable you to expand your reach and deepen customer intelligence. 

People-based marketing in your cloud, your way

Data and clouds are like peanut butter and chocolate, a perfect combination. We help you maximize your existing cloud data investments by building more capabilities directly into the cloud of your choice. 

  • Snowflake: We continue to build identity resolution within Snowflake so you can leverage our identity graph without requiring your data to move. You can now easily resolve email identifiers, adding to our identity resolution across devices and translation from other partner RampIDs.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud: You can now download the LiveRamp Distribution app from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud CDP AppExchange to seamlessly activate your audiences across over 500 publishers and platforms without the need to send hashed or raw directly identifiable personal data downstream. Stay in control of your data while making the most of every customer touchpoint.

Tune in for deeper TV insights

TV is a growing part of every marketing strategy, so we want to provide you better context on your audiences, extend your cross-screen reporting, and get better match rates.

  • Improved TV forecasting and planning: A new Iris.TV integration provides contextual data insights like genre and ratings to get a deeper understanding of customers, regardless of which channel they tune in to.
  • Full Funnel Analysis in Cross-Screen Measurement: Comscore set-top-box data extends your attribution reporting past first-party conversion data to website and app install data to truly understand how customers interact across different touch points within LiveRamp TV.
  • Smarter CTV: Our CTV graph is now more intelligent and stable than ever before to help increase your match rates.

Using data has never been easier

Data sitting in a warehouse isn’t doing your business any good. We want to help you unlock the power of that data—wherever it lives—so you can thrive in any economic climate. Here’s how you can now keep your data fresh and relevant, collaborate more easily, and ensure you understand the impact of your investments across platforms.

  • Closed-loop measurement: StackAdapt joins over a dozen other platforms to provide you with robust, closed-loop measurement to understand the impact of your investments on their platform.
  • Improve the accuracy of your data: This was a top requested feature from our customers. With Record Sync, all user deletions from your segments are propagated through the entire workflow to supported destinations, ensuring that your data is fresh, up to date, and relevant.
  • Simple opt-outs and consent withdrawal: New publisher-level layers of consent facilitate privacy compliance, so you can do more of what you do best—offer superior customer experiences.
  • Collaborate with ease: Safe Haven for data collaboration now has templatized permissions to accelerate partnerships and an updated look and feel—just in time for fall.

We are heads down in building even more exciting products and features to help you do more with less and change the perception of marketing from cost center to revenue driver. To dive deeper into all of the new features above, visit this page.