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SiriusDecisions TechX 2019: B2B Insights amidst the Colorado Rockies

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We’re back from Denver, where SiriusDecisions hosted their annual TechX conference for B2B marketers. Here are some key takeaways from the event:

Mind the gap in your ABM strategy.

During the session on personalizing B2B experiences, T-Mobile for Business’s Gavin Warrener and LiveRamp B2B’s Pieter De Temmerman discussed how they are filling the gaps in T-Mobile’s account-based marketing (ABM) strategy. T-Mobile is primarily a consumer business, so their ABM efforts initially highlighted the limits of using the existing infrastructure to scale for B2B. For B2B accounts, last-touch attribution insights do not take into consideration the team of decision makers, while also limiting the audience intent data. 

Once T-Mobile for Business incorporated B2B identity resolution, third-party intent data, and   measurement, the team deepened the relationships with prospects, enabling them to see account-level intent. These insights guided the team to prioritize accounts and optimize future marketing campaigns.

Data insights and measurement are everything.

If a tree falls in the forest (or in this case, the Rockies), and no one is around, did it really happen? Likewise, how can you prove B2B marketing success, if you do not measure B2B marketing activities? Measuring success from a B2B standpoint can be challenging, but is a must-have for optimizing and driving future results. Incorporating a robust reporting suite into your B2B marketing technology stack enables teams to evaluate ABM performance by channel and at the account level. These reports provide the insights that teams like T-Mobile for Business need to optimize campaigns, measure results, and scale marketing campaigns.

Meet SAM.

An underlying theme of the conference was how data and AI are the foundation of enabling our marketing and sales efforts. As B2B marketing moves more towards leveraging AI to intelligently fine-tune campaigns, it’s more important than ever that sales and marketing work together. During the session on accelerating the impact of B2B marketing with AI and data, Lattice Engine’s Nipul Choksi and I coined the acronym SAM: the Sales and Marketing team. Sales and marketing align on several aspects to achieve revenue goals, like defining target accounts for outreach, and the strategy to reach those accounts. These efforts should be recognized collectively as future goals and plans are developed.

Of course, it wasn’t all work and no play. The conference featured a TechX Winter Games, where we had fun with snow tubing, snow bumper cars, and ice skating. That’s a wrap for LiveRamp events for the year. We’re looking forward to meeting with you next year, including at our annual conference for Mar Tech pros, RampUp. Check out the impressive lineup of digital marketing leaders speaking at RampUp 2020, and register now for holiday pricing. 

To learn more about how LiveRamp B2B can help you achieve multi-touch attribution to reach account-level decision makers at any stage, check out or email us at [email protected]