Self-Service Data Distribution Now Available in LiveRamp GO

Marketing Innovation

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Self-Service Data Distribution Now Available in LiveRamp GO

Marketing Innovation

We are excited to announce the release of our new self-service data distribution feature available through our customer dashboard, LiveRamp GO. We’ve created a new tab that allows you to distribute data segments to your desired marketing applications on a self-service basis. This places you in control, and makes the Data Onboarding process simpler, easier, and faster.

Primary features include the ability to:

  • View which segments have been activated for a marketing application
  • View which marketing applications have received a specific data segment
  • Search by segment or marketing application
  • Initiate data delivery with a simple toggle switch
  • View data delivery status at the segment and marketing application level

How It Works

Once processing of your customer data file is complete, you can manage distribution by segment or by marketing application.

In the example below, we are viewing data by segments. When “Segment 4” is selected, the marketing applications chosen for Segment 4 immediately appear in the grid on the right:

Distribution View by Segment

By toggling the on / off switch, you can initiate or stop distribution of the selected segment for each marketing application. Delivery status is indicated by the color of the toggle switch. In this example, “Segment 4” is:

  • In sync with AOL, Neustar, and RocketFuel – matches are updated daily
  • No longer being distributed to AK or Millenial Media
  • In the process of being distributed to TapAd

The number above the toggle switch indicates how many matched records will be distributed to the marketing application.

You can also view your segments by marketing application. The view below enables you to see all your segment statuses for a given marketing application at once.

Distribution View by Destination

Once you choose to view your data by segment or by application, you can quickly navigate by scrolling or by using the search bar.

Direct Access to LiveRamp Integrations

By giving you direct access to data distribution in the LiveRamp GO dashboard, you can now push your data to our 100+ integrations more efficiently. This makes it easier to run integrated campaigns across channels and devices.

For more details on LiveRamp Data Onboarding, please contact us.