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Smart Data Connections to Drive Brand Longevity

  • - LiveRamp
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People buy from the brands they love. Increasingly, the brands people love are the ones meeting more than just their needs – they also align with their values, whether it’s a passion for the outdoors or a political stance.

So, as a marketer, what do you need to think about when it comes to building that relationship with your customers? Well, when you think about knowing people well enough to align with their values, there’s a lot you need to know about them before you even get to that point—their demographics, life stage, household details, who they bought something for if not themselves, and more.

Will this single mom who browses our site often but rarely buys something for herself appreciate our perspective on closing the wage gap and be moved to purchase? How about this recent college graduate?

Today, the information that can help answer these questions can be sourced from different places.

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