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LiveRamp and Rocket Fuel: A Partnership that Powers the Predictive Future

March 6, 2017  |   LiveRamp

[Editor’s note: Randy Wootton, CEO at Rocket Fuel, is a speaker at this year’s RampUp. We invited him to share his thoughts on data and marketing trends. To learn more about RampUp, check out the agenda.]

If programmatic marketing was defined by the ability to deliver the right message at the right time to the right location, predictive marketing begins by understanding that those locations, those channels, are all a part of a specific individual’s decision journey.

For some, this involves bouncing back and forth between desktop and mobile devices. For others, it’s between different desktops at home or at work. For others still, it’s between email and app, television and web, accessing each from the same handheld device.

No individual device is the same as the whole of a person. Devices don’t buy shoes or select travel destinations. Devices don’t react to retargeting. People do these things.

The great news is that people are far more capable of action than their devices. The bad news is that people are also far more complex.

They don’t react well if you spend a week retargeting them for shoes after they’ve already bought the pair they wanted from their local store. They mix and match online and offline experiences without regard to channel, because they care about outcome more than process.

For marketing to evolve, and for marketers to engage in truly predictive marketing, understanding that individual users have identities that exceed their devices is important. If we don’t engage them as people, we’re not really engaging them at all—we’re engaging their technology, or reacting to their behaviors.

That’s not predictive; that’s a game of catch-up.

That’s why we’ve integrated LiveRamp’s IdentityLink solution into Rocket Fuel’s Predictive Marketing Platform. LiveRamp allows us to reconcile identity across a wide swath of devices and practices, in-store and online, via app and web, across email and call centers.

By combining that identity resolution with our artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can build predictive marketing models that engage users with truly meaningful experiences.

That sounds cliché—marketers love to talk about building experience in the abstract—but it doesn’t have to be.

With improved identity resolution, Rocket Fuel can continue to build on a predictive marketing engine that produces the everyday advertising experiences that actually matter. The experience that predictive marketers want to produce is the one that feels seamless, devoid of friction, with minimal irritation and maximum value to a consumer.

The combination of Rocket Fuel’s AI and LiveRamp’s identity resolution empowers a predictive marketing that learns and improves, and benefits brands, marketers, and consumers alike. I am excited to be able to share that vision in a few short weeks at the LiveRamp event, where I will talk more about our partnership and how it helps advance the future of marketing.

Secure your spot today to hear Randy Wootton speak today in the RampUp preconference sessionIdentityLink: The How, The Why, and What We’ve Found.” For more about him and the rest of the RampUp 2017 speakers, see our speakers page here.