Rice Krispies® Treats Kellogg’s To A 28% Sales Lift

Marketing Innovation

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Rice Krispies® Treats Kellogg’s To A 28% Sales Lift

Marketing Innovation

Another holiday season is upon us and brands everywhere are looking for ways to kick the competition to the curb. That’s exactly what Rice Krispies® did in this Kellogg’s holiday mobile campaign powered by Opera Mediaworks, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, and LiveRamp. Brand awareness? Check. Results at the register? Check. Competitive share shift? Check.

Here’s the story.

The Rice Krispies® brand wanted to stay top-of-mind as a key ingredient in the world of holiday treats a mom could cook up with her kids, and moms responded to the tune of a 28% incremental sales lift, driven primarily by increased store trip frequency. All in all, the upshot for Kellogg’s was a campaign investment that yielded a 62% return on ad spend (ROAS) while building consumer-level brand equity.

So, how did all the players come together to make this campaign a success?

  •      Opera Mediaworks supplied Kellogg’s with unique cross-device mobile inventory to align their demo and campaign goal
  •      NCS provided the measurement methodology to prove out just how much of an impact the ad drove beyond the behavior consumers would have exhibited had the campaign never been run
  •      LiveRamp married the Opera audience segment with NCS’ industry-leading buyergraphic dataset using LiveRamp Customer Link

Perhaps there’s an appropriate metaphor to be had here:

Opera Mediaworks is the Rice Krispies®. NCS is the marshmallows. LiveRamp is the butter. It’s safe to say–and Kellogg’s would agree–that to make the perfect treat, you need all three.

Want to learn more about measuring mobile campaigns at the register? Check out this animated walkthrough of how NCS, LiveRamp, and Opera Mediaworks combine forces to deliver data informed by dollars:

And here is the world’s best recipe for Rice Krispies Treats!