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How LiveRamp Resolves Omnichannel Data Silos for Better Customer Insights

  • - LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

Do you have five minutes? If so, LiveRamp’s e-book, A 5-minute primer: why identity resolution matters for B2B marketers, can explain how B2B marketers are sitting on a gold mine of information that can help them reach prospects and more accurately monitor the customer journey through the purchase cycle. 

Every action your customer or prospect takes is a potential insight. Consider the knowledge that can be gleaned by connecting information from emails to site visits, from search to ad targeting platforms, from CRM to ABM platforms. So much B2B data remains fragmented, and without the technology to merge that data, crucial connections will be missed all along the buying journey. 

Using identity resolution to unify data, B2B marketers are now able to consolidate the information siloed in each of their systems from CRM to marketing automation tools, from email service providers to analytics stacks—and act on everything they know about their prospects and customers at the professional or account-based level, even within accounts that are not actively engaged.

The implications of capturing such granular engagement insights are far-reaching and impactful. By resolving this data across channels and devices to a single ID, you can reach audiences and accounts with highly relevant messages everywhere—not just when people log in to your website or open an email. 

Smart B2B marketing efforts rely on leveraging data to personalize and communicate the right messages; without knowing your customer, you’re unable to craft campaigns that convert. By working with LiveRamp B2B to enable CRM retargeting, third-party data augmentation, and analytics and measurement, you can gain consistency across channels, better knowledge of what investments are working, and a GDPR-compliant way to better leverage your data and identify your ideal prospects. 

There are valuable insights to be found in your data. LiveRamp can equip you with a persistent ID that contains the breadth and depth of insights to reach the right professionals with the right message, wherever they are, and allow you to track ROI across the entire customer journey. 

To learn more about this powerful B2B solution, download our e-book here.