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RampUp 2019 preconference recap: IdentityLink for DSPs, forging new standards, and keep calm and test on

  • - LiveRamp
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Greetings from RampUp 2019! Here’s a recap of what happened during our preconference that you may have missed:

Insight #1: IdentityLink is now available for demand-side platforms (DSPs). Yesterday morning, LiveRamp announced the availability of IdentityLink for Real-Time Bidding, enabling DSPs (demand-side platforms) to receive the access to IdentityLink that supply-side platforms (SSPs) get through the Advertising ID Consortium. IdentityLink for RTB allows DSPs to meet the people-based marketing industry standard—at no cost.
As Index Exchange’s Vice President of Product Management, Mike O’ Sullivan, put it during the session titled AdTech & Measurement: Activating IdentityLink in OpenRTB, “[This newest offering] comes down to two things: more supply and easier transactions.” We’re glad to see the positive response to our announcement so far.

Insight #2: Industry-wide data standards are crucial to building trust. LiveRamp also highlighted a partnership with the Oracle Data Cloud on a data transparency initiative, creating an immediately actionable and implementable transparency framework to enhance data taxonomy. Our goal and expectation is that all data sold in the digital ecosystem will adopt this new transparency-first framework as a best practice.

Insight #3: Test your data providers, even if you’ve gotten great results. On the panel Navigating B2B Audiences, Rebecca Stone, LiveRamp’s CMO, shared that her team tests out different data providers and doesn’t settle, especially when looking for specific data for various buyer personas. They constantly test data sets and course correct as needed. This presents an opportunity to data providers to partner with their customers in understanding not only what is working at any given time, but also how further optimization can be achieved.

Bonus insight: As you fuel up your minds with RampUp content, you can also make sure your mobile devices do the same! Stop by the Grand Ballroom in the Fairmont and check out a phone charger sponsored by IRi. While you’re at it, pick up a snack or some coffee to keep you going throughout the RampUp 2019 conference.

If we missed you at the RampUp 2019 preconference, don’t worry, we will be posting the videos in two weeks! Looking for more information about LiveRamp? Reach out to [email protected] if you want to chat.