RampUp 2014: Marketing Success, AdTech IPOs, and Programmatic Marketing [Video]

Marketing Innovation

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RampUp 2014: Marketing Success, AdTech IPOs, and Programmatic Marketing [Video]

Marketing Innovation

On February 27th, LiveRamp hosted RampUp 2014, our annual summit. More than 1000 marketers and industry leaders came together to discuss connected data for intelligent marketing. Over the next week, we are posting videos from all of the sessions that took place throughout the day. Today, watch “Measuring Successful Marketing Outcomes”, “Behind the Scenes on the Biggest AdTech IPOs of 2013″, and “How Programmatic Marketing Incorporates Data Now and in the Future.”

Measuring Successful Marketing Outcomes

James Arra, VP of Sales at LiveRamp, moderated a conversation between Gian Fulgoni, Chairman of comScore, Eric Roza, CEO of Datalogix, Eric Stein, EVP Online Solutions at Epsilon, and Joe Zawadzki, CEO of MediaMath. They discussed marketing metrics and how data is contributing to the evolution of measuring marketing success.

  • Some of the key metrics marketers are using today, like clickthrough rates, need to be revisited and replaced with other metrics. Overall, marketers are moving from online-only metrics to more holistic measurement methods.
  • Gian stated that “branding campaigns need to be observed in a different manner” than usual direct marketing campaigns. Joe added that “The notion of response needs to encompass everything we do as marketers.” Expectations need to be set properly regarding different types of campaigns.
  • The value of 3rd-party data is “…in amplifying, providing more depth to trusted methodologies,” said Eric Stein. “What we see in terms of using data for measurement…we can start with a qualified audience…and make it actionable online for targeting or measurement.”
  • Regarding test and control vs. continuous metrics, Eric Roza believes that “You need both. For people who are human and do marketing, they need semi-immediate gratification. If we don’t have that, the gap may be filled with metrics that are less robust.” Both methods have their place in measuring marketing success and each have different setups that are necessary for accurate results.

Behind the Scenes on the Biggest Ad Tech IPOs of 2013

Jeff Epstein, Operating Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, moderated as Greg Coleman, President at Criteo, and George John, CEO of RocketFuel, shared their experiences through taking their companies public.

  • Serious thought about an exit occurred about two years before, when the company reached about a $100MM run-rate. George decided on the IPO route over the M&A exit because that was what RocketFuel needed to grow. “Being at Epiphany  and Salesforce” who took the IPO route and were “rewarded well,” George chose to go public.
  • George reminded the crowd that “a lot of the world’s great companies are in fact public companies.”
  • Coleman shared the international “triggers” that Criteo used to decide it was time to go public. Criteo wanted to be “a very global company.” Headquartered in France, Criteo felt that “to get the US and Asia up and running” would be important. “Once we started to see traction in both markets, we put our heads down.”
  • Speaking about the end of the roadshow, Coleman shared that it was mostly Q&A at that point, “The world has heard the stories” already, and the bankers mostly want to ask questions.

How Programmatic Marketing Incorporates Data Now and in the Future

Tod Sacerdoti, CEO of BrightRoll, moderated as Adam Berke, President at AdRoll, Jeff Green, CEO of The Trade Desk, Matt Keiser, CEO of LiveIntent, and Mark Zagorski, CEO of eXelate, discussed the technology driving the future of marketing data.

  • Zagorski mentioned that trends he sees for the future are “more first party being pushed in,” but also “varied groups of third party data” and “transactional data.”
  • Keiser mentioned the growth of “addressable audience” where “more and more first party data” will be “used both for extending CRM but also for powering ads” across logged in media.
  • Jeff Green expressed frustration about the first party vs third party data discussions and debates, which he felt were “somewhat ridiculous” and highlighted the industry’s “nascent state.” Instead, he called for solving the problem of overbearing advertising, and how to get smart about the data. “We’ve just got so much more to improve.”
  • Adam Berke mentioned that awareness is key for growth. We’re at a phase right now where “the general marketer” who to this day has only bought some search bids, is realizing that there is so much more available out there.

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