RampUp 2014 Highlights

Marketing Innovation

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RampUp 2014 Highlights

Marketing Innovation


On February 27, 2014, over 1000 marketers, agencies, and industry insiders attended LiveRamp’s annual summit, RampUp 2014. This year’s focus was on connected data for the intelligent marketer.

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All RampUp 2014 Panel Videos

Keynote: Fireside Chat with Neal Mohan
Keynote: Fireside Chat with Mark Penn
Keynote: Fireside Chat with Peter Thiel
From the CMO: The Future of Data in Marketing
How Top Brands Use Data Onboarding Today
Beyond Display: Data for Search, Video, and Analytics
Convergence of Offline & Online Data
Navigating the Mobile Wild West
Behind the Scenes on the Biggest Ad Tech IPOs of 2013
How Programmatic Marketing Incorporates Data Now and In the Future
Measuring Successful Marketing Outcomes
Data-Driven Retail Marketing Strategies
Data Monetization in the Age of Digital Marketing
Privacy and Regulation for Online Marketing
Mergers & Acquisitions in the Marketing Tech Landscape
Measuring Digital Marketing’s Impact on In-Store Sales
Utilizing Data for Customer Acquisition
How Data Empowers Publishers
The Impact of Siloed Data on Marketing Strategies

Below are some highlights from the event:

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How Top Brands Use Data Onboarding Today

LiveRamp’s Allison Metcalfe moderated this discussion with Brandon Bethea of Adaptive Audience, Nikhil Raj of Walmart Labs, and Tony Zito , CEO of Rakuten MediaForge. Insightful topics were discussed, including formulating a data onboarding strategy, the right questions to ask when shopping for a data onboarding solution, and metrics to measure digital marketing success. On data onboarding itself, one panelist noted, “There’s no question that it works.”

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Beyond Display: Data for Search, Video, and Analytics

This panel was moderated by LiveRamp’s Eric Chernoff, with Scott Ferber, CEO of Videology, Russell Glass, CEO of Bizo, Matt Ackley CMO of Marin Software, and David Skinner of [X+1]. Ferber noted that “Addressable TV is the holy grail of the combination of internet and TV combined.” There is so much potential for growth in virtually every marketing medium.

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From the CMO: The Future of Data in Marketing

Kirthi Kalyanam, J.C. Penney Research Professor and Director, Retail Management Institute of Santa Clara University and Pat Connolly of Williams-Sonoma conversed about the present and future roles of data in marketing. Connolly had the chance to draw on his experience as CMO of Williams-Sonoma and painted a positive outlook for data’s influence on marketing in the future. He talked about multi-channel ROI, aligning departments to break down marketing silos, using data to understand the customer, and his own insight into creating and measuring marketing campaigns.

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Closing Keynote: Peter Thiel

Auren Hoffman of LiveRamp and the renowned Peter Thiel had an animated conversation about technology and innovation in Silicon Valley. They covered many popular topics including bubble fears, housing prices, higher education, and his thoughts on PayPal. Thiel also gave his own perspective on how to build a successful startup: focus on a small market and dominate it. Hoffman and Thiel closed out the session by taking a few questions from the audience.

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