RampUp 2014: Data Convergence, Mobile, and Beyond Display [Video]

Marketing Innovation

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RampUp 2014: Data Convergence, Mobile, and Beyond Display [Video]

Marketing Innovation

On February 27th, LiveRamp hosted RampUp 2014, our annual summit. More than 1000 marketers and industry leaders came together to discuss connected data for intelligent marketing. Over the next week, we are posting videos from all of the sessions that took place throughout the day. Today, watch “Beyond Display: Data for Search, Video, and Analytics”, “Navigating the Mobile Wild West”, and “Convergence of Offline and Online Data”.

Beyond Display: Data for Search, Video, and Analytics

Scott Ferber, CEO of Videology, Russell Glass, CEO of Bizo, Matt Ackley, CMO of Marin Software, and David Skinner, SVP Corporate Development at [X+1] sat down with Eric Chernoff (moderator), Head of Partners at LiveRamp, to discuss the evolution of role of data beyond display in marketing today. The focus was on data for marketing use in search, video, and analytics.

  • Data is currently being used for targeting, measurement, analytics and optimization on what is measured, marketing analyses, and informing changes in marketing planning. Data has become increasingly important as data has become more programmatic.
  • Online allows you to combine channels to better understand the customer. Combination of CRM and behavioral data, for instance, allows a company to understand the customer much more thoroughly. Scott said, “…We’re taking all the data and seeing all the outcomes and we’re remodeling the data into different segments. It’s giving us insights into behaviors we just hadn’t expected to see.”
  • Some unique examples of patterns to look for include renewal rates and purchase history. Each company should strive to combine and optimize the data that they are examining.
  • Regarding addressable TV, Alan stated “Addressable TV is the holy grail of combining internet and TV.” The internet excels at 1-to-1 messaging and TV is emotional and creative, so addressable TV is the best of both worlds.

Navigating the Mobile Wild West

Eric Friedman, Director of Sales and Revenue Operations at Foursquare, Alan Naumann, CEO of 41st Parameter, Omar Tawakol, CEO of Bluekai, and Are Traasdahl, CEO of Tapad, sat down with Christian Oestlien (moderator), Director of User Growth at Twitter, to converse about developments in the world of mobile.

  • Christian started off with one of the most pressing questions, which is the future of the cookie in the mobile world. Omar says that he believes there are three main types of identifiers: known, stable, and statistical. All of these are necessary as there’s a tradeoff of accuracy and reach. It was generally echoed that the cookie is not going to work in the mobile world and “additional techniques to identify users in a privacy friendly way are essential for mobile.”
  • There are many different techniques being deployed to strike a balance between accuracy and privacy. There’s the uses of broadening 1st-party data, a move towards locality becoming the new cookie, getting statistical and permission-based data on a device, creating a device graph, and more. One interesting proposal by Alan is the use of a device quality score in addition to an identifier that would work through the entire ecosystem.
  • Even though there are very interesting contextual information sources such as location and mobile-specific intent, 1st party data is very valuable because you have exclusive access to the information. You can outbid other people with data only you have.

Convergence of Offline and Online Data

Joel Jewitt, VP of Business Development at LiveRamp, moderated as Rick Erwin, President, Data Analytics Division at Experian Marketing Services, Scott Howe CEO of Acxiom, and Dave Jakubowski, VP, Marketing Services at Neustar, discussed the convergence of data and recent progressions in the marketing technology industry.

  • The panel discussed the recent acquisition of Bluekai and agreed on the importance of companies that connect partners in the space and are stack agnostic philosophies. Scott acknowledged the importance of the role for “a party, or multiple parties” to be “the neutral wiring that sits underneath those stacks.”
  • Jakubowski identified the bridge of offline to online as the trend that customers “can’t miss this year.” Having that one view of the customer from impression to purchase will be the mark of sophisticated marketing. Scott agreed with this and shared the resounding success he had seen of offline modeling for online targeting as opposed to simple online retargeting.
  • Erwin mentioned the importance of narrow trends such as device agnostic mobile targeting, or attributing search to offline purchases. They may be narrow but they can be “transformational to some companies.” The most progressive advertisers now are integrating their marketing channels with whichever narrow and specific “flavor of attribution” they are most accustomed to.

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