Product Update: LiveRamp Data Onboarding For Mobile App Marketing

Marketing Innovation

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Product Update: LiveRamp Data Onboarding For Mobile App Marketing

Marketing Innovation

We’re pleased to announce that LiveRamp Data Onboarding for mobile app marketing platforms is now out of beta. Onboarding performance is rapidly approaching comparable levels across mobile apps and browsers. Our mobile footprint has more than tripled since our initial release in April and continues to grow.

We have also added several new mobile app technology partners to our growing partner ecosystem:

  • AdColony
  • AdConion
  • AdTheorent
  • Collective
  • Drawbridge
  • Lotame
  • Millennial Media
  • PlaceIQ
  • Tapad
  • TapFwd
  • Turn
  • Twitter
  • xAd

These integrations add considerable breadth to a digital marketer’s toolset.

LiveRamp Data Onboarding customers can onboard CRM data into in-app mobile marketing platforms just as they have done in the past for marketing platforms that engage consumers through desktop and mobile browsers. This creates new opportunities for consistent messaging, personalized experiences, and extended reach.

One of the most interesting challenges that digital marketers face is engaging with customers throughout the path to purchase. LiveRamp Data Onboarding enables you to use your applications of preference to target, measure, and analyze the consumer purchase experience across devices – for instance, analyzing how users may first view a mobile video ad, then conduct product research on a desktop PC, and then finalize their purchase on a laptop.

Onboarding to mobile app marketing platforms also introduces new use cases for marketers. For example, by securely associating permissioned retail geolocation data with anonymized CRM data segments, marketers can provide customers with a more personalized in-store shopping experience.

LiveRamp supports these use cases in a privacy-sensitive way, which includes anonymizing data in compliance with industry standards, and providing multiple opt-out channels and options to consumers.

Our data onboarding service has been designed to be device agnostic. Currently we anonymously match customer data to iOS and Android devices. We will continue to evaluate and add more device types in the future.

For more details on LiveRamp Data Onboarding, please contact us at