Product Implementation Manager Spotlight: Steven Schlaefer

Marketing Innovation

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Product Implementation Manager Spotlight: Steven Schlaefer

Marketing Innovation

Steve has been on our Product Implementation Manager (PIM) team longer than anyone else in the company — he possesses deep knowledge about the inner workings of our products, putting it to use for the benefit of our clients, partners and our own employees.. Originally from the beaches of North Carolina, he joined LiveRamp in the summer of 2011 straight out of school after completing his Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Pennsylvania. At the time, Steve couldn’t have imagined the type of role he would build for himself several years later. After initially working on new business development and cross-functionally across teams, he found himself motivated by piecing together our products to solve increasingly complex client use cases.. Today, he enjoys the operational nature of the work and finds working with his teammates to be very rewarding.

On a typical day on the PIM team, Steve works with almost every team at LiveRamp. “I’m gathering project requirements from a specific client, working with the Customer Success team to communicate with the client effectively, and making sure the backend is set up so that the client is successful with our product from a technical perspective.” PIM deals with the nuts and bolts of setting our clients up while our Customer Success and Sales teams deal with the business side of things.

Steve elaborates on the “nuts and bolts” a little further:

“We work in an internally built tool to set up accounts on the backend. Occasionally, we code. I’d say I code a couple of times a day- largely to check on our backend and make sure that files are being delivered correctly. It’s also useful to debug issues that may arise and get out of sticky situations with a client where they need something very custom.”

In addition to owning multiple strategic accounts on PIM, Steve leads a small team. “They respect me because I’ve been here the longest,” he jokes. But it’s true – you can tell that his teammates look up to him, and working with them is the most rewarding part of his job.  “I can’t say enough about my teammates – not only the people I directly manage but everyone on the PIM team. They are all awesome people to hang out with and very intelligent, driven, hard workers.”

PIM is a close knit team – you can often spot them coming back from coffee breaks in groups or going to work at the park down the street on a sunny day. During their daily stand-up, they decide who starts speaking by a quick toy basketball ball shoot-off. Steve says, “we do lots of things to keep ourselves occupied in the PIM room, most of them having to do with 8 year old toys.”


Secondary to the people, Steve enjoys working on the challenging problems that are unique to PIM. “It’s often rewarding when you don’t know if you can solve something and you figure out a way to do it using our systems – maybe that’s some custom work for a client, or maybe it’s automating something that is a part of my role.

“One of the cool things about being a PIM is that you are regarded across the company as having the widest breadth of knowledge about  our product. You understand the business concepts and you are involved in the technical aspect as well. (A lot of our PIMs come from engineering backgrounds which helps to conceptualize the projects that we work on.) You have a wealth of experience with different aspects of our product and debugging issues.  

“You’re often thought of as the guru – different teams want to work with PIM when they have an issue and it’s nice to be brought in because you are needed.”

Because you touch so many different aspects of the product and business on PIM, there is often an opportunity to transition into different roles within the company. Many PIMs have gone on to join the Product or Business Development teams over time. For Steve, his ideal trajectory is to join the Product team or potentially be part of a new team at LiveRamp that focuses on reliability.


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