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Privacy Manager: A New Data Privacy Solution that Boosts Consumer Experiences

  • - LiveRamp
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Businesses impacted by data privacy laws and standards like the GDPR or CCPA understand that a compliant data strategy is beneficial for consumers and their businesses. Many enterprise leaders across the globe are working to prioritize the need to mitigate detrimental penalties for noncompliance while also addressing the need to create seamless customer experiences. 

Without flexible solutions, keeping up with legislative changes that can affect the work of multiple teams, including legal, privacy, marketing, and IT, is a complicated and resource-intensive challenge for many organizations. This is only compounded by the need to accommodate localized legislative nuances along with quickly evolving consumer preferences and expectations.

To help support these efforts, LiveRamp is introducing Privacy Manager, a configurable preference and consent management platform (CMP) which can help with global compliance in a comprehensive and straightforward way, becoming a platform for the organization’s long-term data privacy strategy.

Privacy Manager enables marketers and publishers to interact with customers allowing them to manage their data in a secure, compliant manner and can help strengthen trust by offering transparency, notice, and choice. With an effective solution to securely collect and activate validated permissioned data to reach audiences, marketers can continue to deliver a seamless customer experience on the customers’ terms. Publishers who authenticate their own readers can command higher CPMs when monetizing audiences. Such direct authentication also helps immensely with compliance by maintaining audit logs or delivering or deleting consumer data. The result is a fairer value exchange for marketers, publishers, and consumers. 

Privacy Manager is purposefully designed to satisfy provisions across laws such as GDPR and CCPA, and others like them. It is engineered to not only integrate across websites and mobile apps, but also provides a full audit trail. With a customizable front end, marketers and publishers are able to customize the look and feel to integrate with their existing customer experience and enable consumer communication and education around data usage and activation.  

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