What is People-Based Marketing?

March 22, 2017  |   Roya Pakfetrat

What is People-Based Marketing?

People-based marketing is a strange term.

It manages to sound like both the holy grail of marketing and something quite obvious.

That’s probably because, as a term, it pokes at an uncomfortable truth: Marketing is about people, but most marketers don’t reach people. Not because they don’t want to, but because it’s incredibly difficult.

Anonymity is hardwired into the internet. Its protocols were specifically designed so people didn’t have to reveal their identities online. As a result, the only thing to have endured as long as the debate on internet privacy is this famous New Yorker cartoon that satirized it so well (in 1993…).

As a result, the last mile of digital marketing was, for a long time, guesswork. We knew our content was reaching a particular IP address, device or cookie, we just didn’t know the real person behind it.

That finally changed when a handful of internet giants opened up their vast, people-based networks. Finally it was possible to cut through the noise. Finally, people-based marketing became something you could actually do.

…Sort of.

By their nature, those internet giants are big. It’s very much in the name. But walk far enough and you still find the edge. Because they’re still silos; just massive ones.

So the uncomfortable truth is still there – it’s just longer: Marketing is still about people, but marketers only reach people when they’re inside the right walled gardens.

The way we see it, marketers should and can aim a little higher.  

It’s why we’ve made a slideshare about a vision that sounds like the holy grail of marketing and something quite obvious – people based marketing, everywhere.

Armed with identity resolution, marketers can finally turn the multiple ‘yous’ across devices, channels, browsers, silos, into one accurate, truthful ‘you’, in a way that’s safe and privacy-compliant.

Identity Resolution embraces the chaos of marketing data and accepts the reality that real people don’t see walled gardens; they just see the world, with all its lovely, infinite choices. It means you know who you’re targeting, wherever they are, with all the benefits that brings.

There are plenty of reasons this is a big deal, but here’s just one of them: it tackles the uncomfortable truth that most well-intentioned marketers can’t reach the people they’re aiming for.

Read our slideshare to find out why the vision of people-based marketing everywhere matters, and what to do about it.