How People-based Marketing is Transforming Advertising

December 16, 2016  |   Dan Buckstaff

This originally appeared on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud blog

Similar to the offline world, marketers want to reach people in digital channels and engage in relevant conversations with them. Their CRM systems — including data stored in Salesforce Sales Cloud or Marketing Cloud — contain the knowledge needed to personalize their interactions with customers and prospects, but marketers have historically lacked the ability to resolve identity across hundreds of digital channels and billions of digital devices in order to apply this knowledge to their interactions with consumers. In other words, to execute people based – as opposed to device based – marketing initiatives.

LiveRamp is a provider of omnichannel identity resolution services that power people-based marketing. According to Jeff Smith, LiveRamp Chief Marketing Officer, over the last six months leading advertisers are increasingly leveraging identity resolution to onboard their CRM data into the digital ecosystem and engage consumers in digital channels. A few facts from a LiveRamp study to consider:

  • Top 20 advertisers now send CRM data through  an average of 15 digital channels  (a growth of 50% over the last six months).
  • Top 20 advertisers have nearly tripled the number of CRM records activated across digital channels to facilitate more reach and use cases.
  • Advertisers now onboard more than 60 billion records to LiveRamp each month.

LiveRamp’s omnichannel identity resolution services help Advertising Studio customers activate CRM data to find and engage customers across hundreds of networks, platforms, and publishers, and hundreds of millions of digital devices. LiveRamp IdentityLink connects anonymized CRM records to all of the different IDs that represent individuals – including cookies, devices, ISPs, platform IDs, secondary emails, and more – in a deterministic, privacy-compliant manner. This identity resolution at the individual person level enables marketers to execute people-based marketing at scale.

The Fundamentals of Identity Resolution across Digital Channels – Onboarding CRM data

Salesforce Advertising Studio and LiveRamp have teamed up to streamline onboarding:

SFDC & LiveRamp Demo from LiveRamp on Vimeo.

The process begins in Advertising Studio by uploading a hashed audience into LiveRamp. This audience can reflect a specific segment of your customers, and be kept up-to-date with your customer activity in Journey Builder. For example, it could include just your high-value customers who have purchased in the last two months. LiveRamp IdentityLink uses an identity graph to match uploaded audience records to the right individual and household. The matching of the audience includes the unique identifiers for individuals at various advertising platforms. This capability allows marketers to use CRM data to reach and engage customers throughout the web using a privacy-compliant process.

Marketers then use LiveRamp to distribute audience segments to their choice of marketing platforms (for common destinations, this occurs within the Advertising Studio dashboard).

As an example, onboarded data from LiveRamp could end up at a platform like Krux. This process allows marketers to engage customers at the individual level and fully execute on people-based marketing in addition to the platforms that Advertising Studio works with directly — Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

The Rise of Ecosystem-Wide People-Based Marketing

Facebook (with Custom Audiences), Twitter (with Tailored Audiences), and Google (with Customer Match) have demonstrated the power of advertising to individual people. Technology advancements from LiveRamp now give marketers similar capabilities throughout the advertising ecosystem as they have in these platforms. Advertising Studio customers can use LiveRamp to recognize customers on the web and engage them with appropriate and timely messaging.

Trending Use Cases

There are a number of use cases related to onboarding that are growing in popularity, including:

  • CRM targeting / retargeting: reach customers online as well as in email
  • Suppression: eliminate wasted impression, stop retargeting buyers, impression caps
  • Cross-sell and upsell campaigns: make relevant offers based on purchase history
  • Cross-channel campaigns: Increase lift by reaching customers across channels and devices.
  • Measurement: measure the impact of online advertising on offline sales. Compare results across channels such as social, display, retargeting, video
  • Geotargeting: based on advanced CRM segments, and through the use of beacons

Learn More About People-based Marketing

People-based marketing offers the opportunity to advertise at the person level and Facebook, Google, and Twitter have pioneered this capability. Now, with the technology to resolve identity to the individual level across hundreds of digital channels and billions of devices marketers can engage people where they appear. This capability makes good on the promise of omnichannel engagement, personalization, and measurement.

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