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LiveRamp Partner Roundup: New Addressable, International, Tech, and Data Partners

  • - Gerard Vicente
  • 3 min read

At LiveRamp, we make data connectivity a reality through our partnerships across tech platforms, data sellers, and publishers. In these turbulent times, we leverage the strength of our partner ecosystem to break down silos and make it safe and easy for brands to unlock value from their data. 

Here is a recent roundup of some of our newest partners and exciting updates from existing partners. 

Spotlight on addressable audiences 

For marketers, establishing new addressable audiences and maintaining them is an ongoing process. We’re continuing our focus on reducing the industry’s reliance on third-party cookies by enabling RampIDs in the bidstream and offering our Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) to publishers and brands. Here are the latest partners to join our effort to rebuild a trusted ecosystem


InMobi is the first mobile supply-side platform (SSP) to leverage RampIDs, our privacy-conscious, people-based identifier. With time spent in-app growing at an accelerated rate, it’s becoming increasingly important for marketers to reach consumers beyond desktop to mobile web, in-app, and connected TV (CTV) environments. 

Through this integration, marketers and demand-side platforms (DSPs) can access InMobi’s supply of premium, addressable inventory* for omnichannel buys in the U.S., while actively leveraging privacy-first data and frequency caps. Publishers will also see benefits from this integration by connecting their in-app or mobile web inventory to RampIDs and providing enhanced measurement to marketers, as every impression bought on RampIDs can be measured on RampIDs.

*As of today, accessible InMobi inventory includes mobile web and in-app; IDL-enriched CTV buys will be available soon.  

International expansion

LiveRamp’s dedication to providing an end-to-end addressability solution is a global call-to-action for the industry to come together in rebuilding a trusted ecosystem. Partners across APAC and EMEA are rapidly adopting both RampIDs and ATS. 

This quarter, Japan announced its signing of local SSP, fluct, as the first commitment to an integration with LiveRamp and support of ATS across its publisher network. Asahi Newspaper, one of the largest publishers in Japan, also signed on to enable ATS, amplifying the effort to lead the industry away from third-party cookies. 

In the EU, French publisher Prisma, will deploy ATS across all its online content. German SSP Yieldlab, will integrate IDL into its supply-side inventory, making them more effective and profitable, and campaign measurement easier. 

Learn more about how to activate campaigns with partners like InMobi and find out more about our Authenticated Traffic Solution by reaching out to [email protected]. Check back quarterly for more updates around our addressability partners across global markets. 

Featured partner: comScore 

We’re proud to strengthen and further our partnership with leading companies in their respective industries. Together, we can nourish our belief that connected data has the power to change the world.

With TV viewing seeing significant spikes as part of our “new normal,” LiveRamp’s enhanced partnership with comScore allows us to create more scale for addressable TV advertising. We can now leverage and combine comScore’s massive, census-based television footprint and cross-platform advanced audience demographics with LiveRamp’s identity solutions, including our outcome-based measurement platform, Data Plus Math. Additionally, comScore’s industry-leading audience activation segments are now available through the LiveRamp Data Marketplace.

New partners 

We’re thrilled to welcome our newest tech partners Adslot, AdSwerve, Chameleon Digital Media, and Snowflake. Our tech partnerships help our customers solve for inaccurate, fragmented records, while also enabling real-time forecasting to create purposeful, smarter marketing campaigns.

Data partnerships enrich the LiveRamp Data Marketplace with their unique audience segments. Our newest data partners, Arity, Semasio, and Stirista provide audiences across a variety of verticals, including automotive, B2B, driving, and search semantics. Check out their respective partner pages to learn more. 

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