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LiveRamp Partner Round Up, March 2021: Highlighting our Partners for Good

  • - Gerard Vicente
  • 2 min read

At LiveRamp, we know that reaching the right audience at the right time and place continues to be an imperfect science. LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace aggregates a diverse group of partners to meet data buyers’ campaign objectives and audience needs. Check out our newest partners below, and keep up-to-date by subscribing to our blog and perusing our partners page

Looking to reach consumers with a high likelihood of purchasing from you? Wiland’s audiences enable brands in hundreds of specific categories to reach highly responsive consumers who drive superior campaign response, engagement, and revenue.

Killi is an innovative direct-to-consumer app that pays consumers 50% of revenue earned from their data usage. Users are incentivized, and both data buyers and consumers can feel peace of mind about the data used. Killi offers unique audiences that include custom segments across demographic and income information.

If you’re targeting car owners for your next campaign, Infutor Data Solutions should be on your radar. As the leading expert in deterministic and authoritative consumer identities, attributes, and intelligence, Infutor enables brands to reach their most desired consumers to reduce marketing waste, increase reach to key segments, and drive measurable improvements in marketing ROI. 

Over the past quarter, we’ve been able to welcome partners like these into LiveRamp Data Marketplace to support our data buyers’ growing and diversifying audience needs. 

Partners for Good

Parallel to our philanthropic efforts at LiveRamp, we’ve launched Partners for Good, to feature some of our partners who are actively doing good in these trying times. As a trusted partner, we felt it was our responsibility to spread the word to those in our network making lasting and meaningful social change. Here is a look at some of our Partners for Good launch partners:

Alliant is a long-time partner to nonprofit organizations that recently expanded their efforts with the launch of exclusive variables for analytic solutions, available at discounted pricing.

Cuebiq provides access to its point-of-interest (POI) location data to the scientific community in order to share insights for academic research and humanitarian initiatives related to human mobility.

ShareThis donates 20% of the proceeds generated from the activation of any Data for Good audience segment, from animal welfare, social justice, and climate change to a rotating selection of nonprofit organizations that align with these causes.

This is only the beginning. We look forward to learning more about our partners’ philanthropic work and providing them a platform in which to amplify it. If you’d like to get involved, reach out to [email protected].

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