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Introducing the New LiveRamp Partner Certification Program

June 6, 2018  |   LiveRamp

We know that it’s not easy to pick and choose the right vendors and partners. We also know what a joy it is to connect marketers with the technology and support that they need.

That’s why we’re pleased to introduce an updated Partner Program, designed to reflect the state of the market across the LiveRamp ecosystem. We’ve expanded our program with new categories, facilitating discovery of partners that can help marketers achieve their goals.

We work with more than 500 technology platforms, agencies, and data providers to help marketers resolve identity across first-, second-, and third-party digital and offline data silos. The Partner Program’s purpose is two-fold: to promote our partners’ technology and capabilities and to make it easier for marketers to find the partners they need to onboard, activate, and measure data across multiple touchpoints.

More badges, more clarity

Let’s take a look at one of our partners.

Data Store Program Badge Requirements:

Ibotta is certified as a Data Store partner, meeting all badge requirements to achieve Elite status. They have a robust Data Store front page to make it easier for LiveRamp customers to discover their uses cases, they participate in our Data Innovators Program, and they meet our minimum threshold of active connections.

Certified Levels

When looking at a partner, you may notice a little banner at the top (like the grey one above Ibotta’s logo). This represents the certified levels, which are achieved based on the merits of each badge assessed in the audit.

This is to help you understand the depth of our partnership, and the level of impact the partner has demonstrated with our existing customers. The higher the level, the more a partner has done to strengthen our integration and prove value for our existing customers.

Partners can achieve three levels of status:

  • Integrated: LiveRamp integration exists and is active, meeting minimum requirements
  • Select: Integrated & Foundational Badge (more on badge types below)
  • Elite: Integrated & Foundational Badge and 2+ Leadership Badges

New Badges

OK, so what exactly are these badges we’ve been talking so much about? Badges are assigned based on an evaluation of the activity of partners within a category.

There are two types of badges: foundational and leadership.

Foundational badges are awarded to a partner for demonstrating success with existing customers.

Leadership badges are earned by partners that excel in a particular use case or capability—i.e. partners that go above and beyond in using IdentityLink to enable advanced use cases and channels. Some of the badges are specific to technology platform or agency partners, and some are dependent on participation in other initiatives.

Take a look at the badges below:

Foundational Badges:

Activation: Agency partners are newly eligible to participate in the program. This badge is specific to agency partners meeting the threshold for number of customer activations from LiveRamp.
Connectivity: Technology platform partner meets threshold for number of customer connections from LiveRamp.

Leadership Badges:

Identity Resolution: Partner actively leverages IdentityLink as a means of enabling people-based marketing.
Advanced Activation: Partner enables audience activation beyond traditional paid channels.
Advanced People-Based: Partner enables the power of advanced people-based solutions including personalization, reporting, measurement, and data lake work streams.
Data Accessibility: Specific to our activation partners that enable IdentityLink Data Store data availability, ingestion speed, and data connectivity within their own interface.
Data Innovation: The Data Innovators Program empowers providers to deterministically combine data assets from cookie, mobile, or offline sources to create enriched segments that are greater than the sum of their parts.
Discoverability: Partner enables visibility on the Data Store page with discoverability tools.
Measurement & Analytics: Specific to our agency partners that operate in their own analytics platform or distribute to other measurement and analytics environments.
Measurement Innovation: The Measurement Innovators Program elevates the measurement ecosystem with providers by delivering reliable and accurate people-based measurement.
Omnichannel Thought Leadership: Partner meets threshold for driving joint solution messaging across their own marketing channels and identifies joint opportunities.

Today’s update is one of many ways we’re bringing our partners to the forefront. To learn more about the program, please reach out to your LiveRamp representative or contact us.