Better Marketing, Online and Offline

Marketing Innovation

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Better Marketing, Online and Offline

Marketing Innovation

When Facebook coined the term “people-based marketing” in 2014, it gained an immediate connotation with digital marketing. But people-based marketing isn’t a digital-only approach, and the thought behind it wasn’t even new!

In fact, any online and offline marketing that targets people using data qualifies as “people-based,” and marketers have been doing people-based direct marketing for years. But the addition of digital channels and data has provided cool new ways to merge digital marketing with offline marketing.

Identity-Based Targeting for Email Marketing

What do you do when your highest value prospects aren’t opening your emails, yet also not unsubscribing? It’s a confounding situation. But one big arts and crafts retailer found a smart way around it.

First, they started working with LiveIntent—a company that manages newsletters for around 900 different interest-specific publications with a total audience of over 130 million people.

Then, the retailer used identity resolution to match their list of high-value prospects (the ones who weren’t opening their emails) to LiveIntent’s audience.

Now they could see the topics prospects really cared about. They wouldn’t open emails from the retailer—but they were opening emails about things like tech gadgets. They used identity resolution to track conversions from these emails, and even in-store sales.

Most importantly, they now have the insight they need to spend more strategically. That interior design fan? They know they can suppress them from an email blast and target them more effectively with a full page ad in a tech magazine.

What started as a puzzle was solved by engaging the right martech partners.

Taking People-Based Marketing Offline

The ability to tie online and offline identifiers together in a privacy-conscious way can give marketers a whole new set of data to use in targeting in offline marketing channels—transforming those channels to seem almost… new!

A retailer can target its highest lifetime value shoppers with digital billboards based on location data. Since the billboards are smart enough to be dynamic, they can use identity resolution to deliver super-targeted offers.

Or an insurance company can use personalized direct mail to retarget high-value website visitors. If one of these visitors goes to their site and requests a quote, the insurer sends them a personalized direct mailer as well as personalized messages across its digital channels.

People-based marketing is literally happening everywhere.

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